Application Development & Management

In today's 24/7 business environment, application failure or unexpected downtime can frustrate end users and devastate your bottom line.

It is not always a Plug & Play when it comes to Software; there are always specific requirements where Custom Application development is a must. We have seen over the years that many products that are in the market cannot provide 100% customizations. Enterprises keep on adding smaller products and over the period of time the eco-systems is so complex that maintenance becomes a challenge.

Terrah Technologies Application Development & Maintenance (ADM) Division is catered for similar kind of challenges. We have set up a CoE for our ADM division to meet the expectation and objectives of our clients globally.

    Our team follows a business driven methodological approach for every ADM projects.

  • Define business objectives
  • Build business flows
  • Build actors and their roles
  • Define Integration points
  • Compile transactions (5 to 10-year planning)
  • Define Solution Architecture
  • Solution Architecture assessment

    The above forms the crux of our every ADM project and is followed up by various projects types.

  • Application Development
  • Application Maintenance
  • Dev - Ops projects
  • Agile Development in distributed environment
  • Application Modernization
  • Portfolio Management
  • RAD - Rapid Application Development
  • EAI
  • Performance Engineering
  • Competencies