Secure DNS

Internal DNS Security

Protect data and critical network infrastructure from targeted attacks

Today’s targeted attacks pose threats to both data and infrastructure inside your enterprise. Infoblox Internal DNS Security protects mission-critical DNS infrastructure from attacks, stops advanced persistent threats (APTs) and malware from using

DNS, and prevents data exfiltration with an optional module, Infoblox DNS Threat Analytics.

Unlike alternate solutions, it combines Infoblox automated threat intelligence feed with enterprise-grade DNS to provide ongoing protection against new and evolving threats—leveraging the unique position of DNS in the network that makes it the optimal enforcement point for protection and response.

External DNS Security

Protect your external DNS from attacks

External DNS Security provides defense against the widest range of DNS-based cyber attacks such as DNS DDoS, NXDOMAIN, exploits, and DNS hijacking attacks.

Unlike approaches that rely on infrastructure over-provisioning or simple response rate limiting, External DNS Security intelligently detects and mitigates DNS attacks while responding only to legitimate queries. Moreover, it uses Infoblox Threat Adapt™ technology to automatically update its defense against new and evolving threats as they emerge, without the need for patching.

DNS Firewall

Protection from APTs and malware communicating with C&Cs and botnets

Infoblox leverages our market-leading DNS technologies into the industry’s first true DNS-based network security solution. Infoblox DNS Firewall prevents advanced persistent threats (APTs) and malware from exhilarating data, by disrupting the ability of infected devices to communicate with command-and-control (C&C) sites and botnets.

DNS Firewall works by employing DNS response policy zones (RPZs), timely threat intelligence, and optional Infoblox DNS Threat Analytics to prevent data exfiltration—for effective protection. Furthermore, Infoblox is the industry’s first and only DDI vendor to seamlessly integrate DNS Firewall with leading security solutions such as FireEye and Bit9 + Carbon Black and exchange valuable security event information with NAC solutions such as Cisco ISE to automate security response and quarantine infected endpoints.

DNS Firewall – FireEye Adapter

Proactive APT malware protection via early detection and rapid remediation

DNS Firewall integration with FireEye NX Series appliance using the FireEye Multi-Vector Virtual Execution (MVX) engine delivers a unique and powerful defense against Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) for business networks.

This solution combines the power of FireEye APT detection and Infoblox DNS level blocking and device fingerprinting -- to detect and disrupt APT malware communication and help pinpoint infected devices attempting to access malicious domains. This is the first and the only solution in the marketplace that invokes powerful DNS level control upon FireEye APT detection events.

Network Services DNS, DHCP & IPAM (DDI)

Infoblox DDI

Scalable and secure Enterprise-grade DDI

Infoblox’s industry leading integrated centrally managed approach to delivering enterprise-grade DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (DDI) supports current and evolving IT needs while providing the highest standards for service uptime, operational efficiencies, security and IT ecosystem integration.

DNS Traffic Control

Direct web traffic to the most efficient location-based server availability, location, latency, or status

Today, network performance equates to business performance. DNS-based traffic control, also known as global server load balancing (GSLB) is one of the most effective technologies for optimizing network traffic to web and application servers.

Infoblox DNS Traffic Control adds GSLB functionality to Infoblox’s leading enterprise-grade DNS platform. This natural combination enables most organizations to eliminate the need for a separate GSLB box—helping reduce the cost of purchasing and maintaining a standalone load balancer. DNS Traffic Control runs on the unique patented Infoblox Grid™ technology—so administrators can manage all DNS, DHCP, IPAM, and GSLB functionality from one centralized management GUI, saving significant time and effort.

Network Insight

Visibility, efficiency, and control

Network Insight unifies all of the critical network infrastructure data and core network service data into one comprehensive, authoritative database. Integrated workflows leverage the data, improving operational efficiencies.

Network administrators easily handle regular tasks, automate repetitive tasks, and implement controls to ensure accuracy. Network Insight’s intelligent discovery is integrated into the solution. Infoblox Network Insight frees up valuable human resources to work on more strategic projects, generating more value.

IPAM for Microsoft

Get the most out of your Microsoft investment

Empower your network administrators to centrally manage Microsoft DNS and DHCP services using capabilities not available in Microsoft’s management suite—with scalability to handle the largest global implementations.

Network and security administrators are constantly challenged to optimize translation of network device information to the people that are using them. Infoblox Identity Mapping bridges this gap by introducing user identity as a front and center piece of information throughout the Infoblox user interface, making it possible to see associated users virtually anywhere an IP address is displayed.

IPAM Express

IP Address Management Using Infoblox IPAM Express

Infoblox IPAM Express is a free, limited version of Infoblox commercial-grade IPAM product. This free download lets you see first-hand some of the basic elements of Infoblox IPAM. With this free version you can actually see your own network through the Infoblox UI, add networks and hosts and perform limited discovery.

In addition to the basic administration workflows you can also experience Smart Folders and the Infoblox dashboard, both provide easy methods to access relevant data pertaining to IP address management.

Infoblox Reporting

Detailed visibility at your fingertips with no impact on performance

Infoblox Reporting leverages the Infoblox platform for DNS, DHCP, and IPAM to provide long-term network reporting, trending and tracking. Instead of manually cobbling together reports one-by-one, Infoblox Reporting provides pre-built reports for easier administration and robust monitoring.

Reporting in a separate appliance means zero overhead on your core network DDI services.

Infoblox Grid

Unparalleled Foundation for Network Control

The patented Infoblox Grid is an elegant and powerful solution that enables powerful 5-9’s availability, centralized maintenance of even 1000s of far-flung devices, and automation of mundane tasks such as code updates. The Infoblox Grid removes single points of failure and other risks inherent in networks for both Infoblox and some partner appliances such as F5 Global Traffic Managers.

With the addition of the Multi-Grid Management architecture to the Infoblox Grid, organizations can support thousands of hosts, centralized management of IPv4 and IPv6 networks, and other advanced capabilities.

DDI for Cloud & Virtualization

DDI for Public Cloud

Automated DNS, IP address management, and visibility for AWS EC2

Enterprises are deploying workloads in the public cloud for increased agility and elasticity. However, they struggle to implement consistent network infrastructure across their next-generation architectures, including AWS EC2. Lack of visibility into public cloud workloads can hinder IT’s ability to implement consistent policies for functions such as DNS and internal addressing.

Infoblox DDI for public cloud extends our enterprise-grade DNS and IP address management solution to the public cloud. Fully integrated with industry-leading Infoblox Grid™ technology, it increases cloud agility, supports consistent network policies across the enterprise, and improves the visibility of public cloud workloads.

DDI for Private Cloud

Improve private cloud agility through network service automation

Enterprises are increasingly adding private cloud deployments to traditional on-premises physical infrastructure, often using technologies powered byVMwareandOpenStack. The move to the private cloud is commonly tied to increased agility, flexibility, and cost savings. While private clouds provide powerful capabilities, gaps in core network services caused by manual processes prevent organizations from fully realizing the promise of the cloud.

Infoblox helps IT organizations achieve more agility, consistency, and reliability from their cloud deployments—whether they run on single or multiple platforms. Automating core services—including DNS, DHCP, and IP address provisioning eliminates manual processes and handoffs between teams—shortens time to deployment. Automated discovery of cloud-based resources provides 360-degree visibility for management and auditing. And the unified DDI solution correlates information across multi-platform, hybrid deployments to ensure consistency across the enterprise.

DDI for Hybrid Cloud

Organize and manage IPAM, DNS, and DHCP data by VM and tenant in multiple cloud environments

Enterprises are increasingly building private clouds to deliver agile, low-cost IT services to their line of business (LOB) stakeholders. While much of the storage and compute management for private clouds is automated, delivery of critical network services is still performed manually. This leads to slower application deployments, increased risk of errors, and significant cost associated with manual tasks.

Infoblox delivers critical network services for the cloud, including DNS, DHCP, and IP address management. Infoblox also provides greater visibility into virtual machines and tenants, empowering administrators to get a real-time view into cloud resources as they are provisioned and enabling enterprises to roll out applications faster and to deliver more reliable business services.

DDI for Virtualization

Eliminate network delays in virtualized environments with network service automation

Most enterprises have leveraged automation throughout their virtualized network infrastructure. However, the majority of them still manually provision DNS and IP addresses—which requires multiple handoffs between various teams and adds hours, days, or even weeks to the delivery of virtualization deployments. In addition to the delays, a lack of automation for these core network services causes inconsistency, outages, and security risks when provisioning and destroying VMs.

Infoblox can integrate with the leading virtualization platforms to fully automate IP address management and DNS provisioning. Infoblox DDI stores and manages the network properties needed to connect VMs to the network—acting as a single, authoritative system for network configuration management for both physical and virtual environments.

Network Automation

Infoblox NetMRI

Reduce the risk of change, Improve Efficiency, and Ensure Security Policy Enforcement

NetMRI provides automatic network discovery, switch port management, network change automation, and continuous security policy and configuration compliance management for multi-vendor routers, switches, and other layer-2 and layer-3 network devices. NetMRI is the only platform that supports traditional and virtual network constructs (such as VRF) for multi-vendor network automation.

NetMRI helps customers move away from out-of-date spreadsheets, error-prone manual processes like scripts and CLI access, and ad hoc audit teams. Network automation reduces the risk of outages, frees networking staff from mundane tasks, and makes sure your network configurations actually stay within standards.

Automation Change Manager

Increase network availability and staff efficiency

Combine practical network automation, a next-generation automation engine, and a pre-built, GUI-driven solution to manage change detection and logging, mass changes, user permission controls, and other tasks