DB Performance Manager

DB Performance Manager is a set of database performance solutions built on the twin foundations of Performance Intelligence and Wait Time measurement. Terrah Technologies has developed the DB Performance Manager for Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, and DB2. For DBAs, developers and IT managers, DPM identifies and resolves the bottlenecks that cause business applications to wait on the database. Terrah Technologies DB Performance Manager enables organizations to optimize service levels for IT end-users and reduce total cost of operating infrastructure. Performance Intelligence (PI) is a method of performance analysis that identifies the most important performance problems in IT systems and their roots causes. PI analyzes millions of granular data points, captured in the Performance Data Warehouse, and identifies which issues have the most impact on the IT end user. By examining the data points along multiple dimensions, it identifies trends and correlates events to expose the true conditions impacting IT end users.

Typical systems focus on system health metrics, which does not provide a good indicator of IT service. PI calculates wait time associated with each operation, specific to individual users and programs, and uses it to expose delays in end user service.

DPM has demonstrated ROI in excess of 800% or more. Payback for DPM investment is measured in months, not years. When compared with alternatives for solving application performance problems, DPM proves to be the lowest cost solution.

DB Performance Manager

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