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Organizations are concerned that if they make changes to one part of their legacy application, it will break other parts. This is due to relationships between the procedures and calls are not documented. Lack of documentation poses many challenges related to maintenance and compliance.

AutoAppDoc is an automated tool (application) which produces a detailed view of the structure and flow of the legacy code, combining everything you need for complete blueprints of your applications.

It provides an HTML representation of the "As-Is" legacy code. Identifiers and diagrams are hyperlinked, allowing multiple views to be synchronized for inspection.

AutoAppDoc provides an analysis of all internal dependencies to aid in incremental deployment and testing of subsystems of the legacy application.

    Questions to be asked

  1. How many of your legacy applications are properly documented, if at all?
  2. Lack of documentation for your legacy applications poses many challenges related to maintenance and compliance

Creating documentation for legacy applications doesn't have to be hard, complicated or time-consuming

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