Digital Services

Terrah Technologies Digital Services focus on Digital Marketing, Social Media, Mobility and Big data. We have established an Advanced Technologies Service Line to harness the convergence of disruptive technologies and help to transform your business by delivering a more seamless and intuitive customer experience.

The advent of digital marketing and digital technology has given rise to a multitude of platforms and advertising channels where customers can interact with the organization. Enterprises can provide the best of customer experience while having a 2-way interactive session which provides a real-time feedback.Digital Services

Digital Strategy Advisory Services

An assessment model on Digital maturity can help Enterprises improve its digital processes against established policies/standards. This will help Enterprises to set priorities for implementing a digital strategy.

    Today Enterprises who have not implemented Digital strategy or whose Digital strategy has not worked should ask questions

  • Where do we stand in terms of digital strategy?
  • Was the Enterprise effective in leveraging digital platforms?
  • Am I able to convert social media presence and interactions to meaningful and closed loop conversions?
  • How can I better my Digital strategy to beat the competition?

Our “Digital Maturity Assessment” assessment helps Enterprises understand the current status and way forward.

    Strategy Assessment Process

  • Strategy Assessment Process

Embraces digital transformation by aligning IT goals and business priorities


Unlocks new revenue streams by identifying multi-channel commerce strategies


Optimizes utilization of business and IT infrastructure


Leverages new touch points such as mobile, iPads, web portals, etc. by providing a detailed digital strategy roadmap focused on premier customer service experience

Customer Experience

Improves customer relationship and loyalty by providing personalized services

Digital Marketing

Personalized offerings are norm of the days now. Enterprises need not only brand presence but personalized services with real-time engagement and seamless integration across multiple channels. There are several social media channels which offer to connect with customers, take feedback, boost the brand, build loyalty and increase customer base. Data generated from this channels is huge and needs to be articulated which provides insights about the consumer behavior and, in addition, gives out their preferences.

Enterprise not only gain on deepening the relationship with their customers and can also do cross-sell or up-sell. Every industry is impacted by Digital marketing and its impact through the Social Media.

Digital Marketing is THE priority to Enterprises.

We understand the importance of the Digital Marketing and its impact on Social Media through which Enterprise can enhance their brand, value, and revenue. Our expertise is not only technical we bring the complete stack of services around Digital MarketingThe Priority to Enterprises

  • Key Features

    Key Features

Business Analytics

Enormous amount data with its varied nature and speed is keeping Enterprise on its toes. This information has to be used efficiently, harvested and harnessed to improvise the decision-making process. However, analytical information needs to be quick, accurate and measurable. Any data which does not represent Value, Quality, Price, Cost, Increments, Brand and Real-time will be treated as junk data. Enterprises need to make quick decisions to stay ahead of the competition, keep their customer happy and enhance their brand.

We offer Industry specific Analytics solutions that suit the enterprise and eases the decision-making process. Our Solution is developed by cross-industry domain consultants, statisticians, analyst which bring outs the right parameters on the screen which helps CXOs to Manager for efficient decision making. It helps them to capture, analyze, interpret and gain insights from enterprise data.

  • Approach

    Business Analytics

BAS - Business Analytics Services

  • Analytics Strategy
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Information Management
  • Master Data Management
  • Legacy Migration
  • Competency Center

    Business Benefits

  • Valuable Business insights
  • Quick ROI and Reduced TCO
  • We enable Enterprises to quickly transform transactional data from various sources to information and decision-making data
  • Connects and consolidate fragmented information, and provide accurate and real-time data on key business metrics
  • Enables Enterprise for speedy time to markets new services

Cloud Services

Enterprises have always looked Information Technology as Cost center and with that view they always wanted to have it at budget costs. With the advent of disruptive technologies and Cloud services, Enterprises can now have best IT services/solutions at a very low cost and relatively low CAPEX. Cloud services provide Enterprises Pay-as-you-use, multi-tenant and on-demand services to increase agility and minimize costs.

We transform business processes, technologies, and applications with a structured approach and deploy appropriate components within the Cloud environment.Cloude Services

Cloud Offerings

Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS services are the new generation deployment model for Enterprises which needs quick rollout and cost effective implementation. It is secure, on-demand, flexible and Shared or Dedicated services which saves Enterprises of huge CAPEX cost.

All our Cloud services are available on Desktops (Windows, Linux & Mac), Mobile and iPads with analytical capabilities which deliver better customer experience and meet the market demands.