Telecom sector globally has new challenges very regularly; this may be due to quick technology evaluations (3G>4G>LTE or SS7 to IP etc), Regulatory changes (Europe roaming is reducing year by year), Competitive challenges (Orange & T-Mobile merger in UK), MVNO (MVNO up and down very regularly) all this needs to be addressed properly keeping in mind that Telecom, Mobile and MVNO address the B2C market and marketing becomes an important tool to keep consumers updated on the company plans to address the changes happening in the market.

    Terrah Technologies takes pride in its team which understands on how to address the marketing challenges for Mobile Operators and MVNOs especially on

  • New Pricing plans
  • Promotions - For Events
  • Promotions - for new service launches
  • Promotions - Targeting segments/festivals
  • Marketing - Changes in Service plans
  • Campaign Management

We will work with Client Marketing team to make sure the right message is passed on to its subscribers. Terrah Technologies team not only brings the marketing brain for its client but also it brings its technology expertise to make sure that the right communication is passed to subscribers within the time frame.

    Marketing - User segmentation

    On the marketing front, Mobile Operators and MVNO major challenges are carrying out marketing for User segments based on Usage. Most important is that Operators & MVNO should realize the value of subscribers to its business to drive its future profitability.

    Subscribers call records is an exclusive data which none of the business entities can have, be it supermarkets, post office or any other.

    The customer mapping activity is easier and more accurate with a segment model based on the usage to perform the mapping exercise. Customer base approach focuses on - reducing churn, increasing ARPU and taking out unnecessary costs. It is easily carried out on a continual basis and does not require large-scale market research.

    In contrast to market segmentation, usage segmentation is particularly appropriate to MVNOs that have a market share of less than 10%.