Customer Care

Customer Care in any industry is a critical & integral part of the business. Especially a B2C business like Mobile Operator/MVNO has to have an excellent customer care which makes sure that organization stature is maintained by making sure the customers are delivered the best service at all times.

Terrah Technologies has worked with its client to make its Customer care centre more effective in terms of its performance and efficiency. We bring in the right process based on studying the service provided, customer behaviour, competitive study, User segmentation and so on.

We will also work with our client to outsource Customer care to countries like India, Philippines, Poland etc. to have the similar customer care with less cost. Terrah Technologieswill work with our Client to find the best Outsourcing partner. We have an outstanding process to find a vendor which suits the clients requirements for cost effective, 100% uptime, highest performance and efficiency.