Terrah team has experience in launching more than 25+ MVNOs globally. Our team has launched MVNOs across EU, US and APAC and have a good understanding of the MVNO and Commercial Models. We provide Consulting, Marketing, Commercial and Operational Services as part of our MVNO/E portfolio.

Terrah has also a dedicated MVNE platform where our Clients can launch MVNO services with 4 to 12 weeks depending on the MVNO model.


Telecom sector globally has new challenges very regularly; this may be due to quick technology evaluations (3G>4G>LTE or SS7 to IP etc), Regulatory changes (Europe roaming is reducing year by year), Competitive challenges (Orange & T-Mobile merger in UK), MVNO (MVNO up and down very regularly) all this needs to be addressed properly keeping in mind that Telecom, Mobile and MVNO address the B2C market and marketing becomes an important tool to keep consumers update on the company plans to address the changes happening in the market.

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Customer Care

Customer Care in any industry is a critical & integral part of the business. Especially a B2C business like Mobile Operator/MVNO has to have an excellent customer care which makes sure that organization stature is maintained by making sure the customers are delivered the best service at all times.

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Network Services

Terrah Technologies team has in-depth Technical expertise both from Telecom and IT perspective. Our consultants have worked for Mobile Operators and MVNOs in Network Planning, Network design, Deployment Architecture etc. We understand the nuances of operating a Mobile Network.

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Roaming by itself is one of the most revenue generating service to MNO and MVNOs. In this world where people like to be mobile and connected, providing roaming service and that too in a cost effective manner is necessary to service.

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SIM Management

SIM and SIM distribution is an important part of a Mobile Operator and MVNO business. Having the right quality product at the right place is as important as having the Technical infrastructure. Since majority consumer preference is a Pre-Paid product globally and we see that people prefer availability of the SIM at any location they are, it’s an important part of the business. Terrah Technologies consultants are well experienced in supporting our client both on SIM and SIM distribution strategy including technology, commercial and operational.

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Supply chain Management

SIM distribution needs to be tracked from dispatch to the sale via direct or through channels. Terrah Technologies team has the best expertise in suggesting the best model of managing the dealers and distribution.

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