MVNOs bring in the opportunity to NonTelecom or even Telecom organizations to join in the exciting world of Mobile. New players in the MVNO sector can get more value from the current customer’s base by adding a new revenue stream.
MVNO’s are mobile solution providers targeting a segment with specific services. As per the Diamond Cluster report on MVNO; most of existing MVNO’s have been successful for the reason that they provide services at a very affordable cost (High volume Low ARPU) OR providing very niche services (High ARPU Low Volume).

Services depend on Geography to Consumer to Culture to GDP and various others. As an MVNO, it is to spot the untapped services or services ignored by MNO and build the market on this.

Terrah Technologies team has enormous experience in MVNO starting from

  • Business Initiation
  • MVNO Model
  • Regulatory by Country and model
  • MNO Relationship
  • Wholesale Contract
  • National Interconnect
  • Roaming
  • SIM Card
  • Network Architecture
  • Vendor finalization for Network and Business Support System
  • VAS services
  • Channel Distribution
  • Project Management
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Operational Model
  • Operational Support

We can support our client for managing the complete end to end MVNO launch keeping in view of Client Shareholder expectations be it cost, best infrastructure, marketing & promotion, country regulation and so forth.

Terrah Technologies team has experience in launching 20+ MVNOs across the Globe be it Europe, APAC, Americas and the Middle East. Currently, the team is planning MVNO launches in Africa as the market is opening up rapidly.

    Some of the services can be

  • Target the Youth (Every youth has a mobile)
  • Target some specific community (Ethnic population)
  • Target Women (Various services for the welfare, tradition etc)
  • Target Business/Stock Brokers (Value Added Services)
  • Many other services based on market survey

It can also provide the services at a very low cost keeping the operational cost low as compared to MNO whose operational cost are very higher.