MVNE is a company who provides services to MVNOs for launching a Branded Reseller and Service Model MVNO quickly and cost effectively. MVNE is a B2B business model and not into B2C model like MVNO. MVNE have a relationship with the MNO for the Whole Sale Airtime, National Interconnect, Roaming relationship, SIM card, Network and Mobile Infrastructure and Regulatory compliances.

MVNOs that have an existing business with brand loyalty and good distribution could launch an MVNO quickly with less cost and no technical hassles.

Terrah Technologies has again experienced in managing MVNE launches, getting Technical and SIM vendors for MVNE, negotiating the Airtime deal with MVNO, Regulatory compliances, Project Management, Testing and so on.

Terrah Technologies will also work with MVNE to get new MVNO on board and if required manage the day to day Business and Service operations for MVNE.