MVNOs bring in the opportunity to Non-Telecom or even Telecom organizations to join in the exciting world of Mobile. New players in the MVNO sector can get more value from the current customer’s base by adding a new revenue stream.

MVNO’s are mobile solution providers targeting a segment with specific services. As per the Diamond Cluster report on MVNO; most of existing MVNO’s have been successful for the reason that they provide services at a very affordable cost (High volume Low ARPU) OR providing very niche services (High ARPU Low Volume).

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MVNE is a company who provides services to MVNOs for launching a Branded Reseller and Service Model MVNO quickly and cost effectively. MVNE is a B2B business model and not into B2C model like MVNO. MVNE have a relationship with the MNO for the Whole Sale Airtime, National Interconnect, Roaming relationship, SIM card, Network and Mobile Infrastructure and Regulatory compliances.

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Terrah team has experience in launching more than 25+ MVNOs globally. Our team has launched MVNOs across EU, US and APAC and have a good understanding of the MVNO and Commercial Models. We provide Consulting, Marketing, Commercial and Operational Services as part of our MVNO/E portfolio.

Terrah has also a dedicated MVNE platform where our Clients can launch MVNO services with 4 to 12 weeks depending on the MVNO model.

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