With our Big Data Analytics solution get the unified real-time analytic archive of choice for now and the future, enabling business decision makers to quickly and cost-effectively access and analyze all enterprise data, thereby giving them the complete picture needed to make fully informed decisions.

With our Big Data platform, you can convert customer behaviors and characteristics into insightful analytics and identify loyal customers, predict the future behavior and plan targeted promotions or retention offers.

Our Big Data solutions are based on SAP IQ Sybase IQ software is a relational database management system used by companies worldwide for advanced analytics, predictive modeling, stringent regulatory compliance, and rapid reporting. It is designed from the start for the most challenging analytics, with unsurpassed query performance on very large data sets and with large numbers of users.


  • High-performance analytics delivering 10 to 100 times faster performance over traditional systems
  • An architecture for heavy ad hoc querying and many users
  • Compression that reduces data storage by more than 70%
  • Support for growing data requirements into the petabyte scale (and beyond)
  • The ability to reduce administrative costs by up to 75%
  • Quick ROI with rapid deployment
  • Low TCO
  • Support for virtually all commodity hardware and OS configurations
  • Independent computing power and storage capacity providing scalability - at a reasonable cost


  • Enterprises that need to:
  • Analyze huge quantities of data
  • Improve business performance through data-driven decisions
  • Maintain and improve customer relations through customer analytics
  • Depend on timely reporting despite ever-changing report types and demands
  • CIO and IT professionals
  • Business users
  • Business analysts