Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Terrah Technologies Pvt. Ltd. respects the privacy of its potential clients and this ‘Privacy Policy’ is intended to demonstrate its commitment to better protect your privacy. This page is developed to help you understand-

  • What information we may collect from you
  • How we may use the information
  • How we can protect your privacy and personal information
  • What choices you have on the usage of the information.

Designed to maintain transparency and reliability of any business operation, our policies include specific guidelines for using any of your personal information. Terrah Technologies Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to update or modify these policies at any point of time. We encourage you to read this Privacy policy and hope that the topics mentioned below will give you a clear idea about how we manage information about you.

Data collection:

We may use your personal information provided in forms for your identification. The information used shall not be restricted to only name, email id, personal interests, occupation and contact information but other relevant information may be used whenever the need arises to carry out a transaction or provide a service. We also maintain records of IP address and country for any further reference. Information sharing In our endeavour to offer seamless services and support, we only make use of the information of our sub-contractors or partners, employees etc. and do not intend to disclose, sell, rent or share any personal information of our customers. Managed offshoring and outsourcing needs at Terrah Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Dedicated to address your managed sourcing needs, we at Terrah Technologies Pvt. Ltd. take a step ahead in conversing with you to comprehend your specific requirements, access your project scope, and compose a team that will work dedicatedly and report directly to you. Working under our administrative and functional supervision, they shall remain at your beck and call. Our commitment to security We guarantee complete security of your data and information besides preventing any sort of unauthorized access or redistribution, misuse, alteration or loss of data shared with us. 

Changes in Policy:

We may revise or update our Privacy terms whenever the need arises. However, we shall make every effort to keep you informed about the changes and notify you from time to time. 

Terrah Technologies Pvt. Ltd. welcomes your queries and comments related to its information handling practices and this Privacy Policy. Feel free to reach our executives or contact us directly at our office for any further information.